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One of Helmers significant legislative efforts consists of the bill of his to conclude the sale and transfer of assault firearms created after July 1, 2024 and certain large capacity magazines. This move reflects his expertise as a veteran, aiming to avoid the blood flow of military grade weapons among civilians. This bill would stop the selling of weapons very much like those I and many other veterans carried in Iraq and Afghanistan, Helmer stated, highlighting his intention to get a feeling of obligation and security to Virginias communities.

How has Dan Helmer addressed immigration and border protection in Virginia? – Believes that almost all individuals need the opportunity to achieve the dreams of theirs in a land which really works for them, including youthful immigrants. Supports policies to defend immigrants that happen to be wrongfully on target for immigration enforcement and deportation, this includes those included under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), temporary protected status, and visas for people whose locations are in conflict with the United States.

How has Dan Helmer addressed income inequality and poverty in Virginia? Believes America is a better place whenever we build bridges, not walls. Strongly supports making use of American diplomacy as the first stage in our nation’s foreign policy strategy. Feels that all Americans can earn a living wage no matter what the gender or race, as well as supports a fifteen minimum wage. Supports smart tax policy meant to stimulate economic growth while protecting working seniors and families.

How has Dan Helmer addressed climate change in Virginia? – Firmly supports a clean energy future. – Will cure to revive the best tax rate to its historic level of seventy %, ensuring wealthy Virginians pay their fair share so that we can buy schools which are great, affordable healthcare, and infrastructure. Will fight to preserve the Commonwealth from unsafe fracking. Supports a comprehensive immigration reform bill which addresses border security and safety, presents Dreamers a pathway to citizenship, creates a fair path to citizenship for any other undocumented men and women that happen to be in the United States, and involves policies which make certain that immigration enforcement policies don’t separate parents from their children.

Opposes the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and supports behavior to address the contamination and climate change of our drinking water and air. Will fight to protect safety net software programs that help our most vulnerable residents. What does Dan Helmer stand for? He feels that our leaders has to reflect that same regard to the nation.” According to his 2024 campaign site, Helmer believes “in a strong national defense as well as foreign policy.

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